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Instagram Growth Personalized Strategy

You need a massive instagram presence - don’t let anyone tell you any different. And we’re not talking about posting a  picture once a week with the hope that your customers they should follow you   Instagram has more than 1B user in 2020 and you need to utilize and work with all the new algorithms that instagram's trying to preach.

We also need to make sure your brand message is one that will resonate with your target market on instagram. What information are they looking for? What problem can you solve for them? And where do they want to find the solution? Finally, we’ll split test and uncover which type of content is the best match for your brand. The real goal is to get a consistent followers growth and showcase your talents and skills to get the right exposure to your feed .

Without getting too deep here, instagram , like the universe, is constantly expanding. There are new tools, new algorithms, new changes, new rules, and new galaxies being discovered all the time. 

But before you get overwhelmed thinking your instagram is going to get sucked into the black hole of new uncovered algorithms, we can help. By managing your instagram that will be active instead of reactive, strategic instead of tactical, we’ll put down some objectives and metrics that will make your page perform as if the Force is with you.

Step 1: Create a converting bio that leads your audience to your website. 

It allows the brand to share more information and provide more value with people who visit your profile than your bio ever could. To sum things up, your Instagram bio and the features that come with it are extremely important in establishing your brand, attracting your ideal audience, and increasing lead them to your website. 

Step 2: Come up with the right instagram theme

Instagram  theme means is that there is a visual common thread between all of your posts, so that when someone views your feed it will look cohesive and organised. All your posts will in some way look like they go together. For example: 2 rock n' roll filters and colors on the sides, and one unicorn filter in the middle 

Step 3: Post Daily  

Posting daily and at the right time is likely to have a +3.39% individual improvement over your average reach, but it decreases from there. 

Step 4: Use the right hashtags  

Hashtags can help categorize posts, increase engagement, attract followers to a certain niche, strengthen a brand image and help reach a target audience (and vice versa). Instagram generates around 95 million photos posted on its platform each day. However, it got tricky with the latest hashtags algorithm.

Step 5: Content strategy

Instagram content drives more engaged traffic than other visual social content from YouTube or Pinterest.  Instagram has a lot of tools that we should utilize. 

Here is an example of a strategy that a lot of creators use:  1.5 posts a day, 3 stories a day, and 2 IGTVs a week. 

Step 6: There’s a Time to Listen

And that time is now. Being a good listener is an invaluable tool and never more so than in social media. You can learn a lot by listening to what your customers are saying - not just about your brand but about your competitors, and other things they value or are turned off by. And speaking of competitors, it’s also important to listen to what messages they’re pumping out and where they’re turning up.

Step 7: Start showing up on the explore page

Though how the new algorithm for the Explore page really works is a carefully guarded secret, Instagram has said that the content that appears on the page is based on all the steps listed above.

Step 8: Recreate trending instagram content concepts

Instead of reinventing the wheel, we can always pick what already works, enhance it, optimize it make it better, and give it your touch and style.

Step 9: Recreate trending instagram content concepts

After we get good engagement and grow the audience, we can start innovating and testing new concepts in scale. For that matter, we will be able to help you transition to youtube in the smoothest way.